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OccidentalToolPouch.com (Since 1982)

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Welcome to OccidentalToolPouch.Com

We carry genuine Occidental Leather tool bags, tool

belts, and tool pouches since 1982. Our business can be verfiied on the manufacture's website

or simply calling the manufacture themselves.   Manufactured in the USA,

Occidental Leather uses the best quality standards designing

their line of tool belt systems, tool vest, and accessories.


Our mission is simple: to provide the BEST QUALITY TOOL

BELT SYSTEMS to our customers with the BEST DISOUNTS

and LOW PRICES.   We take great pride in our company,

our commitment to customer service and in the products we


Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and

secure environment to browse our product catalog of tool

belt systems and accessories; ranging from pro electrical to

left-handed tool belt systems.

Browse through our of huge selection of Occidental Leather 

products  or you can search for a specific item in our Quick

Search Bar which is located at the top, on the right side of

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