Vaughan 18773 3 Piece Bar Set

Vaughan 18773 3 Piece Bar Set

Crow, Pry & Wrecking Bars

Vaughan 18773 Mini Bar Set, 3 Piece

The Vaughan Mini Bar Set can be used for pulling, prying and scraping. Ideal for prying small nails, removing trim, opening paint cans etc. They are made from stamped US steel and finished with a rust resistant blue powder coating. The ends of the bars are bevelled to improve access.


1- 222 Pry Bar 139mm (5.1/2in)
1- 444 Mini Bar 192mm (7.5/8in)
1- BT90 90° Bar 241mm (9.1/2in)

  • Hardware Accessories:
  • Item #: 18773
  • Manufacturer: Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg
  • Condition: New

Vaughan 18773 3 Piece Bar Set

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