KneePro UltraFlex III KPUF03-F Color-Foilage
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KneePro UltraFlex III KPUF03-F Color-Foilage

Engineered and Designed With the User in Mind

The KneePro UltraFlex III™ is the toughest, most comfortable kneepad on the market today.  Virtually indestructible, the UltraFlex III offers the ultimate in comfort and safety for those discerning professionals and do-it-yourselfers that require the highest standards from their safety equipment.

  • NEW!! 5/8″ CLOSED CELL INNER FOAM pad offers the ultimate in comfort, will not absorb moisture
  • JOINTED so it moves with you, no slipping, no binding, or cutting off your circulation
  • Hinged with METAL RIVETS so it moves like your knee and STAYS IN PLACE!!
  • Incredibly tough FLEXIBLE OUTER SHELL is chemical resistant, withstands extreme heat and cold
  • Non-marking GRIP STRIP grips most surfaces
  • Soft elastic woven strap coupled with our SPEED CLIP allows for easy on, off, and adjustment while pad is on, will not bind behind knee
  • Simply the most comfortable knee pad available
  • Multi-functional: Carpentry, Construction, Electrical, Flooring, Gardening, Industrial, Maintenance, Mining, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing, Safety, Tiling, Welding.

  • Tool & Duty Belts:
  • Item #: KPUF03-F
  • Manufacturer: KneePro
  • Condition: New

KneePro UltraFlex III KPUF03-F Color-Foilage

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