KN95 Respirator Masks (10PCS.)
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 KN95 Respirator Masks (10 PCS/ PACK)

FDA Product Certification

Independent 3rd Party Lab Test Results


Filter Performance: ≥ 95%
Test Agent: NaCl
Flow Rate: 85 L/min
Total inward leakage (TIL): ≤ 8% leakage (arithmetic mean)
Inhalation resistance: ≤ 350 Pa
Flow rate: 85 L/min
Exhalation resistance: ≤ 250 Pa
Flow rate: 85 L/min
Exhalation valve leakage requirement: Depressurization to 0 Pa ≥ 20 sec
Force applied: -1180 Pa
CO2 clearance requirement: ≤ 1%
Model: EJKN95
Standard: GB2626-2006

What’s The Difference Between KN95 Masks And N95 Masks?

N95 Masks get a lot of mention in the news and media, because people recognize it as the supreme solution to protect those at highest risk of contracting the Coronavirus due to caring for those who are ill with the disease.

This includes people who are in self-quarantine and are caring for loved ones since there aren’t enough testing kits for them to be tested yet. 

The short answer is the N95 is a specification created by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), specifically for use for respirators and masks for use in the USA.

KN95 is the name of the specification for the same N95 standard, applied to most countries outside of the USA.

The masks are therefore produced to just as exacting standards as standard N95 NIOSH approved masks, just they’re made for retail in a different geographic retail market.

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KN95 Respirator Masks (10PCS.)

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