Dalluge 2110 21oz Framing Hammer
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Dalluge 2110 21oz Framing Hammer

This Dalluge® 2110 21 oz. Framing Hammer features an 17" straight handle, a serrated face and the NaiLoc® magnetic nail holder. Dalluge hammers are made "tradesman tough" for daily use by professionals. (02110)

Made specifically for professional tradesmen, Dalluge® hammers deliver dead-center accuracy and pure striking power. The full polished steel heads are precision cast, with a head-to-handle weight ratio is so precise, you’ll swear you’re swinging a much lighter hammer. 17" straight American hickory handles are ergonomically designed, improving balance while reducing shock transfer. The result is surer, deeper, more powerful nail driving, with less strain on the arm and shoulder. Faces are available with either textured or serrated surfaces (textured faces have a sand paper finish for gripping nails without tracking, while serrated faces provide a more aggressive grip pattern better suited for traditional framing). NaiLoc® magnetic nail holder is available on select models for one hand nail starting and increased reach. Designed by a professional carpenter for professional carpenters, Dalluge hammers are "tradesman tough." 

  • Designed by a professional carpenter for professional carpenters
  • Precise head-to-handle weight ratio for maximum accuracy and striking power 
  • 17" straight American hickory handle improves balance while reducing shock transfer
  • Ergonomic design allows more powerful nail driving with less strain on the arm and shoulder
  • High-polished head is triple-steel wedged to handle for permanent head-to-handle bonding
  • Thinner claws for faster, surer lumber pick-up
  • Serrated face provides an aggressive grip pattern, ideal for traditional framing
  • NaiLoc® magnetic nail holder for one hand nail starting and increased reach
  • Proudly designed and made in America
Head Weight 21 Ounces
Hammer Head Material Steel
Hammer Head Length No
Hammer Face Textured
Face Diameter No
Face Shape round
Neck Shape No
Handle Length 17 Inches
Handle Style Straight
Handle Material Hickory
Claw Type Straight
Hammer Features Magnetic Nail Start
Condition New
  • Item #: 2110
  • Manufacturer: Dalluge
  • Condition: New

Dalluge 2110 21oz Framing Hammer

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