ALTA 52940.50 AltaCONTOUR LC Gel Insert Knee Protector Pad
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ALTA 52940.50 AltaCONTOUR LC Gel Insert Knee Protector Pad

AltaCONTOUR LC Industrial Knee Pads with GEL

AltaCONTOURLC INDUSTRIAL Knee Pads feature a long flexible grommeted & sewn-down cap for maximum knee protection & durability. Also available with WIDE WEBSTRIP® Full-length Panel facing. The ergonomic hinged top panel provides a greater range of motion and works to keep the knee pads in place during active work sessions.



  • Ergonomic design features a top-hinged panel for improved mobility and a secure stay-in-place fit
  • GEL insert for extra comfort
  • Extra flexible with sectional Neoprene foam padding
  • Cordura® Nylon cover
  • WIDE WEBSTRIP® Full-length Panel
  • Compression recovery 1/2" Neoprene foam padding provides firm, consistent support without bottoming out
  • Secured with 6 Color-Coordinated Brass Grommets
  • Brushed tricot liner wicks away moisture and keeps out dirt and debris
  • Non-Slip Rubber Strip on the back inside to hold pad comfortably in place
  • Widely-set dual strapping system to avoid bunching and provide extra comfort
  • Available with Original AltaLOK™ top strap and wide neoprene bottom strap
  • Available with Original AltaLOK™ top & bottom straps featuring the Alta STRAP-keeper™ System that helps secure excess strap from flapping
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes
  • Tool & Duty Belts:
  • Item #: 52940.50
  • Manufacturer: ALTA Industrial
  • Condition: New

ALTA 52940.50 AltaCONTOUR LC Gel Insert Knee Protector Pad

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